At Paintbox Preschool, we offer a stimulating environment that provides each child an opportunity to achieve and learn at his or her own pace.  We believe in honoring the uniqueness in every child.  

Activities are age appropriate to the preschool age level.  Our schedule includes a balance of free play and teacher-directed activities.  We base our plans on the RI Early Learning Standards.

We welcome and celebrate diversity.  We believe in teaching children to respect and accept each other.

We have a low student to teacher ratio.    

Our 3 year old class has a busy, exciting day that helps them to become more confident. They will enjoy the challenges of the first school year.

Our 4 year old class will enjoy a more challenging, but fun curriculum that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

We use Handwriting Without Tears in both the age groups.  This is a program designed specifically for preschool age children.  For more information, please visit
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