"I have two children currently attending Paintbox Preschool.  The staff are very caring and professional and I always feel good about leaving my kids in their care.  I love the academic features -- sign language, Spanish, Handwriting Without Tears.  However, I really appreciate how the teachers recognize and nuture the individual personalities of my two boys, who are very different.  Paintbox has been an important step in my children's development."
--Diannne Burnham, Cumberland, RI

"Paintbox Preschool has a belief system that I hold dear to my heart.  They have taught both of my children and helped them to grow and excel all through play, art, and exploration.  I have trusted the teachers of the Paintbox with my greatest gifts and they have never let me down."
--Tami Goulet, Cumberland, RI

"After looking at many preschool for our son, we decided on Paintbox Preschool and couldn't be happier.  The Paintbox is perfect in so many ways.  The teachers are exceptional and they truly care about all the children.  The curriculum is extensive and diverse.  And, the classrooms are immaculately maintained and highly stimulating.  I will send all my children to the Paintbox and highly recommend it."
--Lisa SanMartino, North Providence, RI

"Paintbox is the best preschool our daughter has ever attended.  In our opinion, all preschool should live up to the Paintbox.  If you choose the Paintbox, your child will be prepared and educated for kindergarten."
--Angela and Ray DiCarlo, Providence, RI

"From Spanish to sign language to their "Handwriting Without Tears" program, Paintbox Preschool has provided our son with a solid foundation in education.  Combined with a nurturing atmosphere and exceptional teachers, it truly is second to none.  If you are looking for the "whole package" in a preschool for your son and/or daughter, then look no further than the Paintbox -- your child will thank you!"
--Jen and Brian Anderson, Cumberland, RI

"The teachers at Paintbox are so kind and caring.  They have made our daughter's adjustment to preschool seamless.  It is a very welcoming environment, and our daughter often states that she misses school on the days she does not attend."
--Christine and Victor Avelar, Lincoln, RI

"My kids love Paintbox!  When I ask them what they love they say "everything!"  I really feel the teachers give each child a strong sense of self and help them learn so many things.  The art, language, and daily activities are fun for the kids and give them skills to really ease and enjoy the transition to elementary school."
--Sue Clark (mom of five proud graduates of Paintbox Preschool) Cumberland, RI

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